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Introducing: OnePR

OnePR serves as an extension of King Group One's current marketing services. We set out to create a Public Relations arm that would ensure the most effective strategy, messaging and delivery within the automotive space.

Social PR

Leveraging a rooftop's social channels, OnePR allows us to craft unique stories about your brand and promote them to the public. The Social PR component gives way to distinct brand-building and customer interaction outside of the merchandising realm.


Press Releases

Working in tandem with our strategic partnerships across the industry, OnePR delivers top-tier press releases to national and hyper-local audiences. To find out more, about this service, please contact us.



OnePR's media approach takes strategic planning to new heights. We focus on the media platforms that speak to your customers and push your message across them to deliver real, tangible brand-based results.


Developing a Plan

Find out how you can recieve a OnePR strategy deck customized for your brand. Kickstart your PR efforts with our SEO-friendly, high energy campaigns today.

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